CNN hosted panel of Trump’s “female supporters” to discuss his racist tweets without revealing their history of Republican activism

CNN presented the segment as a focus group-style panel on Republican women 

Update (7/17/19): CNN’s Ana Cabrera replayed clips from the panel interview in the 3 o’clock hour and introduced the video by saying that “several” of the women on the panel “are affiliated with groups that support President Trump.”

CNN hosted a panel of women who support President Donald Trump to discuss his racist tweets without revealing that they are staunch Republican activists. 

On July 14, CNN hosted a panel of Trump’s “female supporters” to see if their opinions of Trump had changed following a series of racist tweets he directed at four freshman congresswomen. The women expressed strong support for Trump and insisted he is not racist, with one noting that he “dated a black woman for two years” and “two of his wives are immigrants” as evidence. 

While CNN depicted the panel as a random focus group of Republican women who support Trump, the network failed to disclose that two of them are members of the Texas Women for Trump Coalition, a group that defended Trump in media appearances after an Access Hollywood tape revealed lewd comments he had made about women. Another member of the group is the national director of Trumpettes for America, which Crooks and Liars called “a network of socialites who work to gin up support for Trump in the media.” 

The segment was popular with the Trump campaign, which promoted the segment from its “Trump War Room” account on Twitter:

From the July 16 edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360

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