CNN Gives Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt A Platform To Attack Democrats As Too Old To Be President

Hewitt: Democratic Debate Won't Have An Audience Because Hillary Clinton Is 68 And Bernie Sanders Is 71

From the November 11 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight:

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DON LEMON (HOST): Let me read part of your column, because she was mentioned 25 times last night, at least 25 times. Okay but, you said Hillary is every Republican's target. Thought by many rank and file average Americans to be protected by the media and a dreadful candidate 25 years or more older than some of her possible competitors. Do you think that the candidates' ages are significant?

HUGH HEWITT: Yea, I think we see the inversion of 2008. In 2008 an old but very serious John McCain got blown out by a young, not much known about Barack Obama because Americans watch television and they assess presidential candidates on a variety of bases. One of them being, who can I look at for four or eight years? Who can be in my living room for that long and President Obama won that over Senator McCain. I think if you flash forward and you've got  Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz up against Hillary Clinton, or Carly Fiorina, or Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton is afraid of that match up.


HEWITT: I think they'll have a tough time having an audience next week for the Hillary and Bernie show. Because it's not very interesting. She is 68 and he is what? 71. They're living in the '70s, people are tired of the '70s. People don't know that they -- Chris Christie last night, Don, talked about the cyber attacks that China has launched against us. Ted Koppell has this brand new book out Lights Out, this is a brand new, very dangerous world. Hillary Clinton mismanagement, mismanaged it for four years at state. Bernie Sanders is not connecting, I don't believe, with anyone outside of his demographic, which are old hippies that wish Woodstock would come back. So I just think they're gonna have a tough time mobilizing a lot of people to watch that.

LEMON: That's your demographic, Hugh.

HEWITT: No, no, no I'm much younger than them. Thank god, I'm much younger than them. I'm older than you but younger than them.


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