CNN Focus Group Overwhelmingly Picks Tim Kaine As The “Clear Winner” Of Vice Presidential Debate 

From CNN's October 4 post-vice presidential debate coverage:

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): We're going to go to Pamela Brown now. She's in Richmond, Virginia with a focus group of undecided voters. Pamela, what did they think? 

PAMELA BROWN: I'm here with 28 undecided voters here at the University of Richmond, and I want to go ahead and get the response here, who was the clear winner? Tim Kaine, raise your hand if you think Tim Kaine was the clear winner. All right. Mike Pence, raise your hand if you think he was, and raise your hand if you don't think there was a clear winner. All right. So as you see, Jake, this group right here thinks that Tim Kaine was the winner tonight. Coming up we're going to talk about why they think that andsome more reactions to the moments during the debate. Back to you.


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