On CNN, Farhana Khera Condemns The “Reckless And Irresponsible Anti-Muslim Rhetoric” That Is Contributing To A “Very Toxic Environment”

Khera: A Signal Is Being Sent That It's “Open Season To Harass, Attack And Discriminate Against American Muslims”

From the November 24 edition of CNN's New Day:

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CHRIS CUOMO:  The only way I can relate to this is when I'm trying to process this, is I remember growing up as a kid in Queens where everybody assumed if you were Italian you were in the mafia. But that was, we just dismissed it as stupidity. But now you have it where there is a danger attached to it, Farhana. When you hear, 'the thousands and thousands of you people were celebrating as the towers came down.' How do you hear those words? And how do you want to respond to them? 

FARHANA KHERA:  You're absolutely Chris. The, frankly the reckless and irresponsible anti-Muslim rhetoric that we're hearing from public officials is actually dangerous and it's contributing to a very toxic environment in which the signal that's being sent to the American people, that it's frankly open season to harass, attack and discriminate against American Muslims. That's not who we are as Americans. The core values of who we are is a commitment to freedom, religious freedom and that there is strength in our diversity. From all different faith and racial backgrounds we come together. And our diversity is our strength as a country. And so what we need at this time, especially this difficult time for Americans and for our country is for public officials from both sides of the aisle to step forward and to actually not engage in this kind of divisive rhetoric. 


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