CNN En Español Contributor Dismisses The Importance Of The Hispanic Vote

Jorge Dávila: Donald Trump “Isn't Too Concerned With The Hispanic Vote.” He Wants To Win The Election With The White Vote Because It Has Been “Forgotten.”

From the August 30 edition of CNN en Español's Choque de Opiniones:

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JUAN CARLOS LÓPEZ: Jorge, there's something that caught my attention. Donald Trump, unlike the rest of the candidates, gives a lot of interviews. And the interest is still there, he still generates headlines. Why is the Donald Trump phenomenon different? Not only with Hispanic media, but mainly with US media, where he's still on the front page, he gives two, three interviews in a day and still generates headlines, generates interest?

DÁVILA: Well, I'd say because of two fundamental reasons. First he's a man of extraordinary charisma. Even in this network, on the English side, Anderson Cooper confessed that when he saw him, he realized this was a person with charisma who could convince. He's an extraordinary salesman, it can't be said in any way that Trump is incapable, he's a multibillionaire, who has been very successful in business. Another thing is whether he can be president or not, that's an aspect I'm not getting into. I would agree with Maria Luisa in the projections, he has a short term strategy. We cannot say whether this strategy will be fruitful and good in the long term but we can't dismiss Trump because he's a very intelligent person. First, to recap, he's a man of great charisma. And second, he's saying what people think at the kitchen table at home, and Donald Trump isn't too concerned with the Hispanic vote. Donald Trump wants to win this election with the white vote. Why? The white vote has been, I don't want to say marginalized, but forgotten. We always worry -- they always worry about the Hispanic vote, they fragment things, politicians start speaking according to polls, satisfying women, gays, Latinos, black people, white people, etc. etc. --  a big salad. Trump's bet is a simple one: speak what he thinks is real, and I agree, he's not a person that could give out satisfying answers. On the other hand, no politician ever has. Politicians are known for making promises during elections and not fulfilling them, so it wouldn't be a new thing --

JUAN CARLOS LÓPEZ: Maybe Jorge, what's interesting here --

DÁVILA: -- so that is the reason: his charisma and his promises.

JUAN CARLOS LÓPEZ: What's interesting here is that Trump says he's not a politician but he acts like one because he promises, he makes promises he can't fulfill, says things that aren't true, but the scrutiny is different.


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