CNN correspondent debunks Sarah Sanders' lies about Trump campaign adviser who pleaded guilty in special counsel probe

Jim Sciutto: “It's hard to see how the defense you're hearing from behind the White House podium stands up with the facts”

From the October 30 edition of CNN Newsroom:

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JIM SCIUTTO: I want to draw your attention then, Brooke, to another email that goes in August -- so a couple of weeks, a few weeks later -- where a campaign supervisor tells George Papadopoulos, quote, “I would encourage you” and another foreign policy adviser at the campaign, quote, “to make the trip if it is feasible.” The point -- the reason I bring this up now is we just heard really the first pushback from the White House on what we learned today regarding the statement of offense by [Trump campaign adviser] George Papadopoulos, saying he was low level, volunteer, didn't -- no one really dealt with him. In fact, there were a number of emails that belie that fact. You have senior campaign officials responding to, forwarding his emails on, and in fact instructing him to carry out meetings with Russians. So you just heard [White House press secretary] Sarah Sanders there from behind the White House podium say he was a volunteer, he was on a committee that met once. Well the president mentioned him in March.

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): She said, Jim, she said -- sorry to just jump in, but just to underline your point, she said off the top, “Today's news has nothing to do with the president.”

SCIUTTO: Right. Well and she says -- and then she sort of specifies by saying nothing to do with campaign activity. This is campaign activity. This is a foreign policy adviser in touch with other senior, more senior members of that team. So she says he was a guy, he was a volunteer, he was at one meeting, not true. There are emails that go months after he's took this position with the campaign where he's in touch with senior campaign officials informing them of offers from Russia to meet and discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton, offers that other members of the campaign, in fact, senior members of the campaign, instructed him to go ahead and take these meetings. So it belies the description, one, that he was a nobody, and two, that what we're talking about here, rather what this statement of offense talks about here, had nothing to do with campaign activity. This is campaign activity. It's just -- it's hard to see how the defense you're hearing from behind the White House podium stands up with the facts.


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