CNN Commentator: Saying Trump Incites Terrorists Is Like Saying Martin Luther King Encouraged Segregationists

CNN's Jeffrey Lord Defends Trump's Proposal To Ban Muslims Coming To US

From the December 7 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): To say that no Muslims can come into this country. I mean you're painting it with a very broad brush, aren't you?

JEFFREY LORD (CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT): Until we understand how this works, we have dead people in America, dead on the streets of Boston, dead in a conference room. I mean we are in a war here. All we're saying --

VAN JONES (CNN POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT): Let me tell you where you're right and wrong. You're right that we're in a war, but there's a smart way and a dumb way to prosecute in a war. If what you do while you try to prosecute a war actually recruits thousands and tens and hundreds of thousands of people to be against you, that is a dumb way to fight a war.

LORD: They're going to be recruited anyway Van.

JONES: That's not true. Right now, you have a microscopic minority of Muslims that joined a death cult. You have about a billion and a half Muslims who are not that way. But you, you are now supporting and I can't believe you're doing this, but you are supporting the worst possible strategy to actually increase our enemies.

COOPER: Let's take a pause on this conversation.


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