CNN anchor slammed Dems ... again

On the July 14 edition of CNN Live Today, CNN anchor Daryn Kagan suggested to CNN Capitol Hill correspondent Ed Henry that internal strife and the inability to get anything done is a characteristic of the Democratic Party.

While discussing the gay marriage constitutional amendment that would fail in the Senate later that day, Kagan asked:

[T]he division within the Republican Party leads to my “Ed Henry Question of the Day,” Ed. And that is, a party's split, can't agree, can't get something through the Senate. Republicans almost look like -- dare I say -- Democrats?

As Media Matters for America recently noted, on July 6, Kagan and CNN senior political analyst Bill Schneider portrayed comments made by Senator John Kerry (D-MA) as a “classic” example of Kerry being a “flip-flopper.” Kagan asked, “Is that a classic John Kerry moment ... ?”