CNN anchor bristles at calling White House adviser Stephen Miller a white nationalist, citing “civility”

Miller is the architect of Trump's white nationalist immigration policy

From the June 25 edition of CNN's At this Hour with Kate Bolduan:

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DAVID LEOPOLD (IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY): I have no doubt that this administration, Donald Trump, who's advised by a white nationalist, Stephen Miller in the White House, that the secretary of Homeland Security -- 

KATE BOLDUAN (HOST): I don't know if you want to go as far as to -- I mean, let's not -- I just did an entire segment about civility here. I don't know if you want to call Stephen Miller a white nationalist. 

LEOPOLD: It's not an uncivil thing. I would argue that it's a fact, but OK.

BOLDUAN: Where is -- Honestly, I have not seen that. I mean, where is the fact on that? 

LEOPOLD: Well, look at what the types of policies that we've seen from this administration. Look who is being targeted by this administration. 


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