CNN analyst slams Trump plan to let ACA fail as “immoral” and “a dereliction of duty”

David Gergen: Trump is planning “to let Americans suffer for [his] political gains so [he has] a better chance of passing health care bill”

From the July 19 edition of CNN Newsroom:

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JOHN BERMAN (CO-HOST): David, you talked about the president passing big things, but you can also achieve some success with small things. It was after your time in the Clinton White House, but during impeachment he was doing school uniforms. People laughed about that, just as they're making fun of President Trump right now occasionally for infrastructure week. But if you execute on things like that, on themes like that, what can you get out of it?

DAVID GERGEN: Well, I do think that there's -- you can do small things, John. It does -- they sort of add up over time. They don't have the kind of big impact that the president needs now to revive his administration. I think going small-bore right now is not the answer. He has to go for one or two big wins. I don't think he can walk away from health care to -- and to just say, “Let it fail.” The questions you were just asking the last segment, that seems to me to be -- to let Americans suffer for your political gains so you've got a better chance of passing health care bill. It just seems to be not only immoral, but it's a dereliction of duty. You have to, as president, be president of all the people and protect their security and their health, and I think this president needs to step up to that.


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