On CNN, Adviser To FBI Director Agrees With Obama That Comey’s Letter Was “Incomplete” And “Innuendo”

Daniel Richman: “To Jump To Conclusions That These [Emails] Say Anything Different From What's Already Been Seen Seems Kind Of Strange”

From the November 2 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360:

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ANDERSON COOPER (HOST): When you hear President Obama basically saying FBI Director Comey operated on innuendo, incomplete information, leaks here, what do you make of that? 

DANIEL RICHMAN: I actually didn't hear it exactly the way you did. Less of an allegation with regard to the director, more as a general statement that, I got to say, makes perfect sense. You generally do complete investigations and speak only after them. The only complication here is that the director did announce the completion, and it turned out that the investigation had to be continued because of the new trove of emails. 

I also have to say that the president was right about being careful about innuendo. The fact that some new emails have been uncovered, which the Bureau has not, at least according to reporting, looked at, means that there are some new emails to look at. Nothing more. I keep reading this swirl of claims about what might be in them and what might not. The director didn't know when he made the statement. It doesn't appear that he's in a position to be clear about it now. But to jump to conclusions that these say anything different from what's already been seen seems kind of strange. So I think the president's right to sort of dial this back. And the only difference being the president's wish that announcing a completion meant completion. Just didn't happen to be true in this case.


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