Bob Beckel Challenges Corey Lewandowski On Whether He Has Said Anything Negative About Trump Since Leaving His Campaign

Bob Beckel:“Have You Said One Thing Negative About Donald Trump” Since Leaving His Campaign?

From the August 25 edition of CNN's CNN Tonight with Don Lemon

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BOB BECKEL: [Donald Trump] has changed his position 15 different times. He doesn't have a position. He got a pollster on board, now he's going along with what it says. Marco Rubio is not an amnesty guy. That's a cheap shot. And Corey, let me ask you a question. Have you once since you left that campaign, one time -- I'm a political analyst, I get on you, and I attack Hillary Clinton when I think it's necessary --  have you said one thing negative about Donald Trump? 

COREY LEWANDWOSKI: Bob, if you've seen me, I absolutely have. And what I've also known is that Hillary Clinton -- 

BECKEL: Have you or have you not? 


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