Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik Shames CNN For Hiring “Weasels” Like Corey Lewandowski

Baltimore Sun Television Critic Tells Network “Give Your Money Back. You're Not Earning Your Paycheck”

From the June 26 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources:

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BRIAN STELTER (HOST): You don't think this non-disparagement clause is an issue, that you won't be able to trust him when he's speaking? 

KATHERINE MANGU-WARD: I think it's absolutely an issue, but it's also very standard. It's very common. And again, I would not bet on Lewandowski to go safe and boring. I agree the guy is going to have question marks floating around his head every time he opens his mouth, but he might tell us something we need to know. 

STELTER: David, do you think there need to be disclosures or something like that during CNN broadcasts? 

DAVID ZURAWIK: Oh, absolutely. And it's not enough to say “Trump supporter.” You're going to have to say -- you know, really, I want you guys to say what that non-disparagement clause is. I want him pinned down on that. By the way, I do want to say to Jeffrey [Lord], I've denounced both of those, [George] Stephanopoulos and [Karl] Rove. I've denounced them bitterly. I couldn't agree with you more. And worse, Rove's got a super PAC. That’s more evil in the political process. And the other thing I do want to say about getting information about the process from Lewandowski -- Brian, if the folks at CNN, who I think have the best political reporters on television, if you guys need to pay him to tell you what's going on inside the Trump campaign, give your money back. You're not earning your paycheck. Let's find out the old-fashioned way by reporting it, not paying weasels to tell you about it. 


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