AZ Senate president defends QAnon-linked “audit” of ballots by defending OAN

CNN reporter pushes back, notes that OAN is not credible

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Citation From the May 25, 2021, edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360

KYUNG LAH (CORRESPONDENT): What the facts are, may be the disconnect. Fann defends the pro-Donald Trump media organization One American News network, or OAN, as being the only outlet given extensive access to the review. 

KAREN FANN (ARIZONA STATE SENATE PRESIDENT): First of all, when we talk about transparency, from day one, the entire process has been live streaming. So, anybody -- 

LAH: On OAN, with cameras controlled by OAN.

FANN: Are you saying that OAN is not a credible news -- news source? Are you saying that?

LAH: Yes. 

FANN: OK. I'll remember that. CNN is saying that OAN is not a credible one. 

LAH: Yes.

FANN: OK, very good.