Ana Navarro Excoriates Republicans For Not Standing Up To Trump's Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

“What We Saw Yesterday Were Families Being Torn Apart. What We Saw Yesterday Was Violations Of The Constitution. We Don't Treat Different People Different Ways. We Don't Impose A Religious Test.”

From the January 29 edition of CNN's State of the Union

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JAKE TAPPER (HOST): Ana Navarro, are you surprised that so few Republicans, who came out against the, quote unquote, “Muslim ban” a year ago are saying anything about, this is not a Muslim ban but it is is a ban on people from seven majority Muslim countries, are you surprised that so many Republican officials are being so quiet?

ANA NAVARRO: I think people are exhausted. I think a lot of Republicans are exhausted. The flurry of activity this week has been really a dizzying pace. It's so hard to keep up. And so many of them have been speaking out consistently this week against the charge that there were 3 million illegal voters, against the tariffs against Mexico, against the idea of the wall, against not investigating Russia for hacking. So I think it is such a steady rain of things that they have to confront Trump on that it's been an emotionally exhausting week. I have friends telling me, “I disagree with this. It is an un-American executive order. But I can't survive politically if I am confronting the man every day.”

But this is one where, as exhausted as they may be, Republicans need to appeal their sense of consciousness, to their principles, to what is right and wrong, to American values, and they need to speak up. The Republican Party I grew up in is a Republican Party of family unity. What we saw yesterday were families being torn apart. What we saw yesterday was violations of the constitution. We don't treat different people different ways. We don't impose a religious test. And the folks may want to tell us this is not a Muslim ban. I'll tell you who thinks it's a Muslim ban, Muslims think it's a Muslim ban. Those who want a Muslim ban like little boy [Michael] Flynn and David Duke, the former KKK leader, are celebrating it as a Muslim ban. And those of us who don't want a Muslim ban see it as such.


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