Amid Reporting That He Was Involved In Pushing Manafort Out, CNN Asks Contributor Lewandowski For Comment

Corey Lewandowski's Tenure At CNN Has Been An Ethical Nightmare

From the August 19 edition of CNN's Wolf

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BRIANNA KEILAR (HOST): Before we get to your thoughts, Corey, on Paul Manafort, I just want to ask, losing one of your top campaign staffers 81 days out from election day, this is, to most people, a sign of a campaign that is struggling.

COREY LEWANDOWSKI: First, thank you for having me, second, actually, what's really important here is the candidate has continued to build out his team, surround himself with people who have been loyal to him and have known him for a long period of time, and will embrace the fact that he wants to be authentic and bring change to Washington, D.C. That's the most important thing, and it's about the candidate who's name is on the door and who's running for president of the United States, having that comfort level with people who are closest to him and making sure that they're allowing him to run the type of campaign and the overall strategy that's going to be most effective, and I think that's what is the most important thing right now.


I think Eric [Trump] said it very clearly, his father does not want the distraction or potential distraction of more stories coming about Paul Manafort and any potentialrelationships or ties he has with things taking place overseas, so doing this on a Friday in the summer is the right thing, it's unfortunate that it couples the same day that Mr. Trump is going to be in Michigan doing a large rally and also being very presidential and going down and seeing those victims of a terrible tragedy in Louisiana. But, is there ever a good time? The answer is no. Today is the right day to do it, and this story ends today, and they can move on.

KEILAR: Your relationship with Paul Manafort, I think you -- it's fair to say you've not been exactly described as besties, I think everyone knows that, but just describe your relationship with him now. Have you talked to him today? Have you talked to him recently here in the last few days?

LEWANDOWSKI: You know, I haven't talked to Paul, but I can tell you because I've been there. I've been there where you put your heart around soul into something for a long period of time, and now you're not part of it anymore, and it's tough and it’s humbling, and I feel for Paul because I know how much time an effort he's taken away from his family, and his children, and his wife to be part of this campaign, to be part of the Trump campaign, and he's not there anymore and it's a very hard thing to do, so, in that regard, I feel for Paul, I really do because I know how tough it is. Now, that being said, the campaign should never be about a staff person, it should be about the candidate. And that's what this reflection is, is now all of the focus is back on Mr. Trump.


KEILAR: Are you talking to the campaign about perhaps rejoining?

LEWANDOWSKI: Look, as you know, I work for CNN. I'm very happy with my work here. Look, I would be a distraction to that campaign. And you know that, and I know that, and so I'm very happy having the opportunity to participate through CNN and talk about what I think the campaign is doing right and what they're doing wrong, both the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign. So I'm very happy doing what I'm doing.


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