Amid its “civility” obsession, CNN hosts Corey Lewandowski who attacks the anchor for asking a question

Lewandowski recently mocked of a disabled child forcibly separated from her mother

From the June 27 edition of CNN's New Day:

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COREY LEWANDOWSKI: The incident that was discussed was not directed at a child or individual. It was directed at a left-wing activist who was trying to use a child as a political tool, and he was inaccurate because he said that child was separated from her mother because of the Trump policies. But the truth was that 10-year-old that was separated at the border was separated because her mother was a member, or a potential member, of a child smuggling ring. 


LEWANDOWSKI: So let's get the facts straight.

BERMAN: I let you talk, all I was asking was whether or not you thought that “womp womp” was the right response to that. I just wanted to know if you had any regrets about it now. Is the answer no?

LEWANDOWSKI: No, John, the answer is it wasn't directed at a child. My statement on that specifically was directed at a left-wing Democratic activist who's trying to use a child as a political tool, and I was appalled by that.


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