CNN's Smerconish: “There's Frankly Not Much Of A Difference” Between Fox And CNBC's Debates

Michael Smerconish: Even Though Fox Is “The Great Oracle Of The RNC” Their Questions Weren't Much Different Than CNBC's

From the October 30 edition of CNN's New Day:

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MICHAEL SMERCONISH: I think better than half of the candidates who were on that stage ended up saying something negative relative to the media. Here's the danger -- my view on those debate questions for what it's worth, is that all of the subject matter was entirely appropriate. The tonality of some of those questions, I thought, was problematic. But I'll tell you what I've been doing, I've been going back through the transcript of the first debate, which was a Fox debate, the second debate, which was one of our own CNN debates, and then CNBC. And I would submit to you that if you look at the questions only, there's frankly not much of a difference between debates one, two or three, including Fox, which is, of course, the great oracle of the RNC.

CHRIS CUOMO (HOST): Style matters. How a moderator does their job is important. It's good that people get that. That is not a given. And let's not forget, Megyn Kelly was asking an appropriate question in terms of what Trump had said in the past. But how it came across wound up creating a combative dynamic.


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