Fox News anchor claims “global warming” doesn’t exist because he is surrounded by ice in the Arctic

On the March 8 edition of America’s Newsroom, anchor Bill Hemmer reported from an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean to highlight U.S. Navy drills. After Hemmer emphasized that he was completely surrounded by ice, host Dana Perino ended the segment by mocking concerns about climate change, asking, “How’s the global warming?”

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Citation From the March 8, 2024, edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

Hemmer responded to Perino’s quip, “It’s a very interesting story, because at the moment, there is none.” Co-host Shannon Bream chimed in, “He’s looking for some."

The idea that global warming is nonexistent because of the presence of cold weather — or in Hemmer’s case, miles of ice — is a feeble red herring that ignores the painful reality. Earth is facing “its ninth consecutive month of record-breaking warmth” after years of consistent warming, and scientists have repeatedly noted that “much of the planet’s warmth” is attributed to “human-caused climate change.”

The Arctic Ocean, in particular, is experiencing significant climate impacts. In February, the ocean’s ice extent was about 2% below average. New research predicts the Arctic could even become ice-free for the first time within the next decade or two. Greenhouse gas emissions are mostly to blame for ice loss, which will impact not only animals who depend on the ice for survival, but also humans who face the deleterious consequences of accelerated sea level rise.

The co-hosts’ jokes about global warming are just another example of the climate denialism that the network wholeheartedly contributes to and buttresses. Serial climate deniers plague Fox News, and the co-hosts' Pavlovian response to the effects of global warming is just a glimpse into the network’s pattern of pushing climate change misinformation.