OutKick’s Clay Travis endorses Trump’s “vermin” comments

Travis: “Basically they’re snakes, they’re rats. I think it’s accurate.”

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Citation From the November 14, 2023, edition of OutKick's OutKick the Show

CLAY TRAVIS (HOST): Trump said that people on the left who are trying to destroy this country are vermin, basically they're snakes, they're rats. I think it's accurate. The left in this country went after Trump and said, yet again, their old game plan ‘oh my goodness Trump is Hitler.' This doesn't work, alright? And I think the left is slowly having to come to this conclusion. Doesn't work because, we saw what modern day Hitler actually looks like. It's Hamas. It's people deciding to attack and kill Jews because they happen to be Jews. So all of sudden screaming ‘oh my goodness Trump is Hitler'- We were just with him on Wednesday, doing the show and if you were there, listening or if you had heard that entire interview I asked him directly, Donald Trump, one of his daughters, I think Ivanka, has converted to Judaism and Donald Trump has several Jewish grandchildren. To my knowledge Hitler did not have a Jewish daughter or Jewish grandchildren. Maybe I missed it. Maybe I'm wrong.