Chris Wallace repeatedly coddles Trump in debate: “You’ll be happy” with the next question

During the presidential debate Tuesday night, the exasperated moderator and Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace made a habit of appeasing Donald Trump when the president got angry at being chided for his constant interruptions, by assuring Trump that his latest line of attack would indeed be the subject of the next question.

“You’ll be happy — sir, you’ll be happy I’m about to pick up on one of your points to ask the vice president,” Wallace said at roughly the first 15-minute point in the debate, before asking Biden about his proposals for continuing the Affordable Care Act.

And in turn, Wallace asked Biden the question in terms of Republican talking points, saying Trump and Republicans argue that adding a public option insurance program — which Biden is proposing only for people who qualify for Medicaid — would “end private insurance and create a government takeover of health care.”

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Citation From the September 29, 2020, edition of CNN’s First Presidential Debate

About 45 minutes later, as Trump repeatedly asked Biden the question, “Are you in favor of law and order,” and continued to interrupt Biden’s responses, Wallace chimed in: “Mr. President, you’re going to be very happy, because we’re now going to talk about law and order.”

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Citation From the September 29, 2020, edition of CNN’s First Presidential Debate

Earlier in the debate, Wallace had “agreed” with Trump’s lie that he held only outdoor campaign rallies during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — when in fact, Trump held two rather notorious indoor rallies.

For all of his efforts to chide Trump for his interruptions, Wallace just kept giving into Trump’s bullying act.