On YouTube, Naomi Wolf says that the WHO will occupy the U.S. next week, and that could trigger a civil war

Wolf warns Charlie Kirk on YouTube that mercenary companies may be sending Ukrainians and Afghans over the border to take orders from the WHO; Wolf says she is thankful for all the guns in the U.S. so that the country will not be “enslaved” by the WHO

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Citation From the May 23, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So I want to just dove right into it. Something's happening rather consequential in Geneva in the coming days. Tell us about what's happening with the World Health Organization, World Health Assembly – is this an attempt to try to usurp our sovereignty?


NAOMI WOLF (AUTHOR): So every – all the warnings you just heard in the previous segment are absolutely correct. They're not exaggerated. And we need to be extremely, extremely worried. You know, no alarm is too great for what we're facing.


You know, I'm pro-legal immigration. I'm the daughter of immigrants. But the, you know, globalists absolutely love dissolving national borders and they love it's weakening people's allegiance to their local or national identity, national language, national culture, erasing national histories. And the reason they love it is just what we're seeing with the World Economic Forum. It makes people weaker at the grassroots level and it empowers these oligarchs. And so it's 1,000% correct that if the U.S. becomes a signatory to the World Economic Forum Proposal Treaty, we can expect to see mercenaries on our shores. Or we can expect to ese, as Ms. Bachmann pointed out, the U.S. military doing the bidding of the WHO.

I mean, I posted yesterday on Gettr that the U.S. military was in Indiana helping with the distribution of baby formula. Well, anyone who studies our history knows that the U.S. military's not supposed to be operating inside our borders. They're supposed to defend us from foreign enemies. It's the National Guard that's supposed to be operating inside our borders. And the reason it's so scary – I'm the wife of a veteran, I respect the military. It's so scary because they have to do the bidding of the commander in chief. And now the commander in chief will have to do the bidding of the head of the World Health Organization. So it's absolutely terrifying.


WOLF: Of course, they're going to have their own police force. In Canada, when Trudeau declared martial law for 24 hours, there were extremely violent police-slash-military figures abusing protesters and they were unbadged. Right. They didn't you know, a police officer will have his name or her name because they're accountable. But these were unidentifiable, really scary people. Same thing in France. You're seeing them all over the world. And there are entities like Blackwater now called Xe, which can send militaries all over the world. So it's the easiest thing in the world to have these mercenaries come over the border now from Canada or else, you know, I've raised this warning before. There are military-age men pouring over the border from places like Afghanistan and Ukraine. And the easiest thing in the world to send them to God knows where, you know, and to arm them to assist the World Health Organization.

And so, I've been saying, as you know for some time that we're at war. I don't want to be at war, but a war is being waged on us and we have to face the fact.

So what can be done? Well, first of all, I can't believe that I'm saying this - a lifelong former Democrat and the child of hippies - but thank God for the Second Amendment. Because one reason the United States is not, you know, entirely enslaved like Australia or Shanghai or Canada, in many ways – we're relatively freer compared to those countries – is that we have, you know, millions of owners of guns. And I'm a peaceful person, this should not be taken out of context, but it is harder to subjugate an armed population. 

And this is why our Founders gave us the Second Amendment, for exactly times like these. They knew that it was harder to subjugate an armed population. But, you know, may that be the worst case scenario. I really hope that it doesn't devolve into civil war, which is really what the next thing is in history when you have an occupying force, which is what the WHO will be, you know, by next week.

But there are very important things you can do at the state level. Sorry. New Hampshire passed a raft of really good bills and one of them is a nonenforcement bill where basically they said to the federal government, if you know, you can try all you want to issue federal regulations or laws that are unconstitutional. But New Hampshire is not going to enforce them. And I, you know, I'm posting that bill as a model on Daily Clout, my new site, for everyone to ask their legislators to pass it. So what that means is, say, the WHO deploys in Georgia, you know, a state next door that refuses to enforce. I mean, I hate to see it come to this, but their National Guard, you know, will be at the ready to not enforce whatever the WHO wants to have happen.

But these are, you know, really bad rearguard actions. Another one, you know, I guess we should be hopeful that any treaty can be reversed, right? Like the next executive, the next commander in chief can take us out of the WHO lack of sovereignty treaty. However, it's a lot harder to do that because WHO could pass a dictate, you know, between now and then saying that the U.S. doesn't have the authority to do that.

And I guess I hate to say this, I hate to say this, but the last one is impeachment. I mean, these are traitors. You know, they are just traitors and they're traitors to our country. Treason is a very serious crime. It's a capital offense in our system. And I guess I'm – I can't believe I am doing this – but I'm calling on my fellow Americans who are Democrats in the Senate and in Congress to join with Republicans and impeach this chief executive, you know, and his vice president. And, by the way, impeachment goes all the way down the line. You know, our system set up the ability to impeach people like Rochelle Walensky and Dr. Fauci. If I remember the impeachment regulations correctly, any official who does not represent the American people properly is supposed to be impeached. You know, we've been asked to forget that. But that's that's what impeachment is for. And we need to we need to get those people out of power immediately because they're handing over our sovereignty. This is the most catastrophic day in American history since its founding.