On YouTube, Charlie Kirk grotesquely weaponizes a minor's sexual assault to attack trans people

Charlie Kirk: “Everyone's a Democrat till your daughter gets raped by some trans person in the restroom”

Right-wing media like Charlie Kirk have weaponized a May sexual assault in a Loudon County high school in order to attack trans-inclusive bathrooms, falsely claiming that a policy that was not in place at the time of the assault allowed a boy to enter a girls restroom and assault a 15-year-old girl. Like many instances of sexual assault, the teenager -- who has been charged with assault -- knew his victim.

As The Washington Post reported:

The parents she is representing have spoken out this week, often in interviews with conservative news outlets, to assert that the charged youth is “gender fluid” and that the assault took place in a girls bathroom. Those details have not been confirmed by authorities. The parents have also denounced a policy put in place by Loudoun’s school board in August that lets students use bathrooms matching their gender identities. At the time of the alleged assault involving their daughter, that rule was not in effect.

Charlie Kirk on YouTube today:

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Citation From the November 3, 2021, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Ok, let me get the quote right. First, Mike Tyson said everyone has a plan until they're smacked in the face. I have now, let's say, modernized it by say everyone's a Democrat till your daughter gets raped by some trans person in the restroom. I think that is the more modern side of it. By the way, just as a side note, the mom of the skirt wearing male teen of what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, who raped two female girls, says son identifies as a male and just wanted sex as she berates the victim, saying to the young girl that was raped, 'you're fifteen, you could easily defend yourself.' That's where Loudoun County messed up the entire state of Virginia.