Turning Point panelist claims drag queens are provoking extremists into murdering them “to create summer 2020 again”

James Lindsay: “You guys remember George Floyd? The goal is to have Drag Floyd”

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Citation From the December 19, 2022, edition of Turning Point USA's Americafest Live Day 3

JAMES LINDSAY (TURNING POINT USA PANELIST): I think this is that unconventional warfare. This is what they do in unconventional warfare. They make these provocations. Drag queens are a provocation. It's been an escalating provocation. First, they're just dressing up in kind of somewhat you know, careful dress with their clown makeup, groomer clowns or whatever reading stories. Next thing you know -- Tim and I were talking about this yesterday, next thing you know, they're -- they're dancing, they're grinding, they're sexual dancing, they're twerking. The next thing you know, they're doing simulated sex acts in front of children.



This is an unconventional warfare tactic to provoke. The goal -- you guys remember George Floyd, the goal is to have Drag Floyd. And I'm serious, this is deadly serious.


Unconventional warfare, political warfare, this mid-level violence provocation is so critical to understand, because they're giving you a choice.

They put a drag queen, “Oh, it’s just a story. Oh, it's just dancing.” And what you're going to do is you're going to give in, at which point they're going to enter into their generate -- generative themes, educational method into living queerly, strategic defiance. This is straight out of their literature that they say is the real goal of drag queen story hour, "We're going to leave a trail of glitter that will never come out of the carpets" is the last sentence in that paper -- talking about your kids' brains. And then either you give into it and they get to do that, or you go too hard and you mess up and they make a video of you looking bad, and then they start trying to smear you as an anti-groomer, or as rising anti-LGBT hate.


And the goal is to get you to give in so they get their way or overreact -- and that's where I say "Drag Floyd," it's so important to understand that they want a drag queen to get attacked and they want to make a huge amount of hay of it and they want to create summer 2020 again off of a drag queen or a trans person or something like this.