Donald Trump Jr. takes to The Charlie Kirk Show to downplay Saudi connections noted by New York judge

After a judge ruled that the Trump Organization is liable for fraud, Trump Jr. declared that “this is sort of like the start of the Bolshevik Revolution”

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on the September 27 edition of The Charlie Kirk Show to defend himself, his father, and Eric Trump after a judge ruled on September 26 that the Trumps, via the Trump Organization, are liable for fraud in a scheme that overvalued several Trump properties. Trump’s attorneys were also sanctioned in the case, after making arguments the judge called “literally crazy.”

Significant in the judge’s ruling is a note on Donald Trump bragging in his testimony that he “could find a ‘buyer in Saudi Arabia’ to pay any price he suggests,” which, according to Judge Engoron, suggests “influence buying more than savvy investing.” 

Engoron’s note suggests there should be more scrutiny on Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia. It was previously reported that Trump’s son-in-law and former adviser Jared Kushner received a $2 billion investment from the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which invests money on behalf of the Saudi government, shortly after Trump’s term ended. Trump has also aligned himself with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf tour over the US-backed PGA tour.

In Trump Jr.’s approximately 15-minute interview with conservative activist Charlie Kirk, both spouted now-familiar complaints from conservative media: alleging that the justice system has been weaponized against Donald Trump and that everyday conservatives would likely soon suffer the same fate, that Hunter and Joe Biden are guilty of the same crimes that the Trumps are under investigation for, if not worse ones, and that Trump is only guilty of being a savvy businessman. Neither mentioned or tried to defend Trump’s comment on Saudi Arabia or the judge pointing out that it appears to be a confirmed case of influence peddling on the behalf of a former president. 

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Citation From the September 27, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Don, you and I were texting last night, this is an outrageous ruling. Letitia James appoints a judge, not even a jury, who comes in and tries to basically close down all the Trump businesses. Don, take as much time as you need and walk us through it. I’ve never seen anything like this.

DONALD TRUMP JR (GUEST): Yeah, honestly, Charlie, I’ve never seen anything even like it. I mean, this is sort of like the start of the Bolshevik Revolution, I mean, you know, just, we don’t like you, so we’re going to confiscate property, we’re going to do these things, we’re going to throw numbers and valuations on things based on you know, what a judge in New York thinks. Disregarding, by the way, Charlie, disregarding like, the biggest brokers in, like, Florida and the Palm Beach market.

We're going to go to summary judgment, Charlie. We don't want a jury to be involved in that because you know that that doesn't fulfill the narrative. We're going to disregard expert testimony. We're going to disregard the witness. We're going to bring Don Jr. and Eric Trump into it, even though all of the witnesses who have testified said, hey, we had nothing to do with the statement of financial condition. But hey, our last name is Trump, so we have to be punished. It's the opposite of Hunter Biden, who can take millions from China and be doing this. We can conduct regular business, where not a single bank wasn't paid back in full, and with interest, and yet somehow they're still magically a victim here. No one knows who it is. No one can actually explain that. But this is the tyranny that's going on.

You have a judge, frankly, Charlie, that, that took what the attorney general in New York who campaigned on a campaign of, I'm going to get Trump, I'm gonna make the MF, you know, pay, all these kind of crazy things before she was ever in office. 

KIRK: Yep.

TRUMP: He actually gave her significantly more than she was even trying to get on his own volition. Again, bypassing a jury, bypassing the basics and again, total disregard for the experts or anything that's in there. It's, it's absolute lunacy and again, going through it last night with the – I'm like, I explain it to me because I don't need, I don't understand. I've never even heard of this before in business, in law, in lawsuits. It's like they're trying novel ideas because they know they can get away with it in a place like New York. 

KIRK: Yes.

TRUMP: It's no different than what you see going on for the J6-ers in Washington, DC. You know, they can't get a fair trial. Everyone understands that, which is why those are going to be pushed. It's why they tried getting Trump with a DC grand jury for stuff in Florida. It's the same in Atlanta. It never ends. They're weaponizing this under the guise of, of course you can get a fair trial. No one's — we're going to believe that a person in New York is going to tell us everything, that they're going to be fair. Just the social pressure alone for someone, even if they probably realized that it's all nonsense on that jury, they wouldn't be able to walk the streets of New York if they're the one that said, hey, this is nonsense, this is unfair. It's designed to continue and persecute their political enemies because Trump had the goal of taking on the establishment and actually winning that.

And by the way, if this is the precedent, God forbid you own real estate in New York, because theoretically, they could go in there, they could confiscate all of your real estate. They could shut down your businesses. 

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Citation From the September 27, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show

KIRK: Don, so tell us, usually when there’s a fraud case, there’s a victim, who here is the victim in this case? 

TRUMP: I’m actually trying to figure that one out myself, Charlie – the free market is somehow the victim, even though, you know, the biggest institutions in the world were paid back, no one was left out with any money. They actually got paid with interest, so they all – they all made a sizeable profit. It’s, you know, it makes no sense. But that’s the point. They’re trying to weaponize the justice system against their political enemies. Not only are they doing it to Trump, Charlie, they’re trying to make sure and send a clear message that you can never step up against their insanity no matter how ludicrous it is.