Charlie Kirk's producer Blake Neff calls Michelle Obama's college thesis “ethno-narcissism”

Neff previously was head writer for Tucker Carlson

As we have previously noted, Blake Neff, a former writer for Fox’s now-defunct Tucker Carlson Tonight who resigned from the show in 2020 following revelations that he made racist and sexist posts in an online forum, has resurfaced on Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk’s radio show as a producer.

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Citation From the July 14, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show as aired on Real America's Voice

BLAKE NEFF (PRODUCER): Having read chunks of it, like, what it does, it has a lot of, you know you have to use that "sic" thing several times in it. There's like some typos and misspellings and grammatical flubs that they probably ideally would've caught but you know you don't have spell-check, it's the 1980s. But what really stands out about it is it’s just, you know, she’s been given this incredible opportunity to, you know, without having the proper test scores, attend this top-five world university at Princeton. And you know she can study anything she wants and what she does is she writes a thesis on like, being Black at Princeton, like an auto-ethnography thing. You know, you could've at least studied some other group coming to Princeton, you might’ve like expanded your horizons a bit, and instead –

KIRK (HOST): That’s awfully narcissistic, isn’t it? Which is also what I said.

NEFF: It is. It’s literal narcissism, yeah. Ethno-narcissism.