Charlie Kirk wants his ally Newt Gingrich to apologize for castigating House Republicans that pushed out McCarthy

Kirk: “He is completely and totally off base here”

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Citation From the October 4, 2023 edition of Salem Radio Networks' The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): I have to be very honest. I am careful to do segments where I publicly challenge my elders. The Bible says to honor your elders. Honor those in positions of authority. And someone who I consider a friend, someone who has been coming on our program, someone who spoke at our Turning Point USA events. I'm gonna be honest, he's a patriot, but he is completely and totally off base here. So while we're disputing who's going to be speaker, there is a, basically, a signal that has been sent for revenge.

There is going to be one of the most bloodthirsty revenge campaigns we've ever seen in the history of establishment versus grassroots.

Here's just a little window into that. This elder who is a patriot, I'm on different planets. He's on Neptune. I'm on Saturn on this. I could not disagree more with former speaker, Newt Gingrich. And I'm disappointed to hear him say the word traitor. That is, I'm gonna just chalk that up because of how much respect I have for him, of just kind of cable news excitement. I don't think he really believes that. 

But just understand that this opinion that Newt Gingrich has, is held by about 150 members of the House in the Republican conference right now.

Newt Gingrich is basically speaking for the 150 people that you need to win over to select a speaker.  

And I say this very carefully. Newt Gingrich has to apologize for what he said. This is not funny. There's a lot of weight to this, calling people traitors. Joe Biden is a traitor.

Let's save the T-word for people that have sold out our country. Not people that are upset that business as usual in Washington D.C. needs to be uninterrupted.