Charlie Kirk: The “vast majority of Muslims” live “in the 1300s” and hold a “medieval worldview”

Kirk: “This is civilization aka western values versus barbarism”

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Citation From the October 11, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): What happened in Israel this last weekend, the more we learn about it, the harder it is to grasp if you are unfamiliar with the uncivilized world. Part of the problem of our universities is you have a bunch of sheltered brats that believe the rest of the world lives in air conditioning with common law, defense of children. They live such a sheltered worldview they can't even possibly grasp the idea that people would break into another country and seek out the women and children and mow them down at a concert, seek out infants. It's hard for people to even grasp. In fact, some people think, oh it's war propaganda. It wasn't that hard for me to grasp because people that still live in the 1300s, as a vast majority of Muslims do, they don't hold western values. No, this is civilization aka western values versus barbarism, also known as medieval worldview.

If you're fatigued, I get it. I understand. You've lived through a lot these last couple of years. You didn't ask for it, you didn't invite it and if it's too much for you go watch Lifetime. Sure there's some shallow movie of somebody who falls in love and makes you feel good. This is not happy talk hour. This is the entire civilization, the planet. Dare I say, even the species.