Charlie Kirk uses slur to refer to transgender TikTok influencer

Kirk: “Your government is being run by freaks”

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Citation From the December 9, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show streamed on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So when you guys think of the Avengers, yup, you guys think of the combination of great forces. This is your government. If you voted Democrat, if you supported Democrats this midterm cycle, this is what you voted for. Now, I don't know who the person is on the left. Is the person on the left that t***** that came and did the interview with Joe? The TikTok t*****? Yup. Got it. So that person doesn't have a government job. The other ones do, okay. 

So that one's Levin, then you've got Karine Jean-Pierre, who's also a lesbian, and then I don't even remember what that guys role is but he's in some sort of weird sex cult. Then you've got the TikTok guy - another TikTok guy. 


So then you've got the other TikTok guy, cause that's a different TikTok person, isn't it? Okay. And then you've got Brinton. 


Yeah that's right, it was Dmitri Daskalakis. I actually think I said that right. Oh! He was in charge of Monkeypox response. Of course he was, he's the only - only thing he's qualified to look into obviously. (Laughs). You sure there wasn't an opening in - I don't know - the thermal nuclear weapons warhead division? Really, all the - I don't know did they have the - sorry all our spots are full at Starlink or I don't know. Level four security at the NSA, lets put you in charge of Monkeypox.


Your government is being run by freaks. That's not an exaggeration, that's not hyperbole. At the highest stakes imaginable, people that have very deep seeded mental problems are running some of the most consequential government programs conceivable.