Charlie Kirk urges Glenn Youngkin to stay out of the presidential race: “Trump would eat you for lunch”

Kirk mocks the candidacy of Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis and urges Va. Gov. Glenn Youngkin to stay out of the race

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Citation From the September 28, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Washington Post reports. Scoop Glenn Youngkin 2024 now taking shape as donors and Republicans grow alarmed. The so-called Red Vest Retreat, October 17th and 18th in Virginia Beach, billionaire backer Thomas Peterffy assures, quote, money would be there. Bill Barr telling him to put his oar in.

Having a hard time believing this. I actually like Glenn Youngkin. He's a little too moderate for my taste, but I actually think he's very smart. I don't think he's going to do it. He has seen how all these other candidates have just been smoked. He very well might be doing the summit as just a way to raise money for the Texas – not Texas I'm sorry, the Virginia House of Representatives races or the House of Delegates races. And honestly, he's the best Republican we can have for Virginia.

Governor Youngkin, Let me give you some unsolicited advice. Do not do this. It will not go well for you, no matter how many donors tell you it's going to go well for you, no matter how much money is promised to you, no matter how many consultants come to you. Do not do this. I like you. I like what you're doing. You're a strong Republican. Especially since you're in the state of Virginia. Don't do this to yourself. Don't become a mockery. Don't become an end of a joke. Don't become a loser for things.

The consultants are all saying, come and run. Again, the people who tell you that you can win are the people who get a paycheck, even if you don't. They win no matter what, but you lose. Even if somebody were to put up a billion dollars behind Glenn Youngkin. It doesn't matter. Even if someone were to put up two billion dollars, Trump is going to be the nominee.

But boy, this is a really sad story. What is the buried lead of Glenn Youngkin even thinking about running? What is the buried lead? We were on this early. The rise and fall of the presidential candidacy of Governor Ron DeSantis. He was supposed to be the guy. He had a – I mean, you want to talk about if you had a stock chart of Governor Ron DeSantis in January versus now. Have we seen a stock plummet as far? I mean, maybe Governor Scott Walker and they don't understand Trump is not a candidate. Trump has become a movement.

And I wish Governor DeSantis has been a terrific governor. Glenn Youngkin has been a good governor. Go back and be a governor. Run your state. Not everything has to be about ladder climbing. And, you know, some people say, well, Charlie, you sound scared of Youngkin. No, I really don't. As a Trump supporter, I don't.

Trump would eat you for lunch. He will obliterate you. He will shred you. It doesn't go well for anybody in a Republican primary.

I don't care if you're six foot seven and you've been in private equity and you have a bunch of your own money. I don't want you to make the same DeSantis error. It weakens our bench. Would much rather have you focus on governing Virginia, win back the House of Delegates, be a strong conservative governor for the future. Maybe even Glenn Youngkin running for a US Senate seat and flipping one of those Virginia senators like Tim Kaine. That would be great – having Glenn Youngkin in the U.S. Senate and flipping one of those Virginia. He can obviously win statewide. He's very, very well-liked. Don't run against Trump. It's not going well for you. It's bad for the country.