Charlie Kirk: Trump conspiracy indictment is “an attempt to nullify the United States Constitution”

“This is psychological warfare”

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Citation From the August 15, 2023, edition of Salem Media Group's The Charlie Kirk Show as broadcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): This is not an exaggeration, this is not hyperbole. This is an attempt to nullify the United States Constitution.

I’m going to read some parts of the indictment here. The specifics, which I think are extremely necessary to understand what we’re dealing with. How about this one? On December 3rd, 2020, Donald John Trump caused to be tweeted from the Twitter account, Georgia hearings now on OAN, amazing. This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. Watching cable television is the furtherance of a conspiracy in Fulton County, Georgia. Just to remind you, this is a local DA, a local DA. While violent crime is going up crazy in Atlanta, this is a local DA that is indicting a former president. How about this one, gee, what a surprise, has anyone informed the so-called governor Brian Kemp and his puppet, Jeff Duncan, that they could easily solve this mess? So easy. Fani Willis says this was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy. Rudy Giuliani stated, Georgia patriot called to action, today is the day that we need you to call your state house and representatives. A constitutional right, by the way, to petition your government. Fani Willis writes this was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.


This is not justice, everybody. This is seething, neurotic revenge. Revenge against Donald J. Trump for even daring to run for the presidency. For even daring to be a successful president. They are trying to send a message that if you are, if you even dare to step up and to challenge the orthodoxy in DC, you will be indicted all across the board. All the way across the board. And let me tell you what's really going on here, because this is deeper than just the indictment. This is a top-down exhaustion campaign. Are you fatigued? Are you tired? Well, it’s intentional.


This is psychological warfare. And it has not stopped since a certain day. The Cultural Revolution had a starting point, and it has been relentless.


From this point forward, you have been participating, whether you realize it or not, in a surround-the-city exhaustion campaign to invoke your surrender, to break your will, and to crush your spirit.


Where you thought we would get our country back, you thought things would normalize, you think we’d get to some place of serenity. They have a plan and they are going for it. And the plan is that they believe the only way forward is through. There is no retreat for them. They have to do this. They have to. They do this as a non-stop psychological projection exercise. They have too many crimes. Too many misdeeds, that if we ever get power back, they know that they’re going to be exposed, so the only thing they can do is non-stop offense. Non-stop. And we as conservatives are like, what is going on? What – why are they acting like this? Because they went for it. With 15 days to slow the spread and the lies about COVID and the smearing about ivermectin and the masks, the lockdowns, the kids in schools, Floyd-a-palooza, racial justice, reconfiguring the story of America, 1619 Project, gender reassignment surgery, Pride, trans, all of that. It’s all orchestrated and harmonized, and last night in Fulton County is just the latest chapter in the story of, can we permanently take over the country.

It’s very simple, we’ll talk about this in the next segment. It’s either we win or we lose, there’s no ties, there’s no brokering peace. There’s no happy landing here. Either the bad guys win or we win. Most Republicans refuse to acknowledge that.