Charlie Kirk: Trump co-conspirator indictment is about taking out “people like you”

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Citation From the July 28, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show 

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The charging documents accuse Donald Trump of conspiring to delete the security footage at Mar-a-Lago after the FBI asked for it. And as part of that, they are now bringing criminal charges against an entirely new person. This is what I really want to focus on. This is a guy by the name of Carlos De Oliveira. I probably have met this guy before, he's a maintenance man at Mar-a-Lago. This is so important. In order to remove Trump, in order to destroy his legacy in the history books, so that populist, nationalism, pro-American political forces are destroyed, it’s not enough to just go after Trump. They must go after the ordinary man. 

You know, on this program, we have frequently said it is the Skype, Zoom, and laptop class versus the muscular class. That it’s ordinary plumbers, electricians, welders, veterans, police officers, firefighters that make this country work. It’s the truck drivers that are the heart of MAGA. it’s the people that are going to Sturgis. It’s the pheasant hunters. It’s the fishermen, it’s the anglers, it is the farmers. And, as if they’re trying to prove our point that they have contempt for the working class, they have now indicted a maintenance man, Carlos De Oliveira, on federal charges. A guy that works at Mar-a-Lago, I don’t know much about him, we’re going to probably learn. He's probably worked there for quite some time, he probably considered it the honor of his life to work at Mar-a-Lago is now facing federal charges. De Oliveira told “the boss” wanted the server deleted, the server referring to the computer server holding Mar-a-Lago camera footage on it. Now, is that true? Well, the Department of Justice certainly has made a lot of false allegations over the last few years. 

They’re going to try to destroy this man’s life. I will personally donate to Carlos De Oliveira’s legal fund. I don’t know who’s setting it up, this is the same thing they’re doing with the Michigan electors. It’s top down, bottom up. It’s called a squeeze operation, it’s a pincer operation. Two separate, seemingly independent movements that are coordinated at a single target. Because it’s not enough just to destroy the symbol of the MAGA movement, Donald Trump himself, they must take in metaphorical legal scalps of people like you. Going after Trump should infuriate you. But they also want you to be fearful. And that’s what the indictment of Carlos De Oliveira is all about. It’s not about justice, it’s not about what he did or did not do, of which, I’m rather honestly uninterested in a conversation about deletion of footage when Hillary Clinton BleachBit emails and smashed phones and walked away freely. 

These are bad people. When you go after the rank and file, the ordinary class, the muscular class, they’re making a show – Soviet show trial example, they want you to be fearful that anybody in Trump’s orbit, that anybody that is supportive, and by the way it continues, from the Michigan electors, to the indictments of the We Build the Wall folks, of going after Steve Bannon. Top-down, bottom-up. Go after Trump, go after the ordinary man, take scalps. It’s not enough to just get the mascot, you must get the ordinary folk. Because Carlos De Oliveira will receive zero sympathy from the Department of Justice unless he sings. Unless Carlos De Oliveira‘s memory sharpens to such a great extent, where he all of a sudden says, Donald Trump was saying repeatedly how he wanted footage to go away and – then all of a sudden Carlos De Oliveira will get a plea deal and will not serve prison time. But if Carlos de Oliveira fights the charges, they're going to crush this guy's life. I will personally donate to his legal fund, I will personally donate to the Michigan electors’ legal fund.