Charlie Kirk: “There are positions that we hold that are, unfortunately, untenable with the American people”

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Citation From the April 12, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble 

CHARLIE. KIRK (HOST): President Trump is talking about how the Democrats are the extremists. That is absolutely right. I am — I'm neutral on this particular Truth Social post. I'm not — I understand why he's doing it. Let me defend it. Let me think why he's — say why he's doing it. The current abortion decision by the Supreme Court in Arizona was technically legally the right decision. It's one that I morally agree with, but it is unpopular with the people in Arizona, and Arizona is a must-win state. So President Trump is trying to float out the idea — float out, hey, he does not want to be tied to the unpopularity of this current measure. That is why he put that out there.

However, there is an email we got here from John, which is Charlie, I'm not voting for Trump anymore. What is the point, if Trump compromises on abortion, even if he has a better chance winning? Why not offer everyone free school, health care, UBI — that would help him win an election. Right? So based on what do you think, whatever it takes to win, compromise when you can't govern. Trump has abandoned the pro-life cause so he doesn't deserve my vote.

I have never said you should do whatever it takes to win. I've never said that. I've never alluded to that. However, you want to try to have the most morally clear position that can fit within the popular will of the people so you can get political power. There are positions that we hold that are unfortunately untenable with the American people. So you try to find one that is the best version of that, and then you try to find how can you make it fit with the American people. That is the whole idea of the will of the people and the sovereign. And sometimes the people, they don't want the morally correct and clear position. So do you completely betray your deeply held beliefs that are rooted in scripture and rooted in truth? Of course not. So, no, Trump is not pro-choice, and I think it's kinda laughable if somebody were to say that.