Charlie Kirk tells Steve Bannon’s audience to thank the Nebraska governor for supporting a special session to change electoral rules

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Citation From the April 10, 2024, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Charlie, what do we need to do? Call the audible. What is this War Room posse? You are over the target, bro.

CHARLIE KIRK (GUEST): Yeah. So a couple updates, we had a great event last evening. Steve, we had a lot of your fans, a lot of posse members last night in Omaha, Nebraska. The energy was just off the charts. Standing room only. We had to turn people away. It was incredible.

So, number one, we had an amazing event yesterday and we went through the math, we went through the stakes, we went through the task and the purpose as you would say. And after our event, the governor reaffirmed everything that we said.

The governor of Nebraska who had not yet publicly even said the words special session said that we will call a special session as soon as we get all the legislative votes and ducks in order and I can get into that, Steve, and we will in just a second. But that's big news. That is huge because the Nebraska Democrat Party, the mainstream media, said oh they've run out of time in this legislative session, it's over and the governor hasn't even said if he's doing a special session and he probably won't because it's unprecedented. Big news last night and credit and thanks to Governor Pillen of Nebraska who came out publicly and said we're going to go into special session as soon as we get the final votes here.

So we're within one or two votes here, Steve, and we're trying to determine exactly who they are and there's a filibuster component to this and it's a question of when you call the special session.

The call to action is very simple. Number one is that we need to convey and encourage gratitude to the Governor of Nebraska to say, stay on this regardless of the pressure, get this done even if we have to lift the filibuster like McConnell did with Trump's pressure for Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. Let's do that. And you guys can do that at, as we mentioned previously, that is the best website there and we need to keep the pressure on.

And so it was a huge event last night, Steve. This is a grassroots project as you know. We've only been on this for nine days and we woke up on Tuesday morning of last week and there was zero chance according to all the prognosticators that this thing was going to happen. This was a sneak attack. This took them by surprise. Democrats are now running television ads, Steve saying no, no, no keep Nebraska this way, don't change it. The people of Nebraska overwhelmingly want winner-take-all. So let me just reiterate the website though. It's 

In addition, you can, if you live in Nebraska, contact your senator in the unicameral, we do not want to mention any of the individuals that we want to pressure yet because we want to measure twice and cut once and make sure that the vote tally is correct and then we will apply appropriate pressure. But Steve, if I have to go back to Nebraska, I will. We're going to do everything we can to get this across the finish line but thanks to the governor, thanks to Senator Ricketts who came out on this and is putting pressure on this and thanks to the grassroots, most importantly in Nebraska that are delivering this.

BANNON:, send an email right now. Tell the governor you got his back. One thousand percent support winner-take-all. 

Remember, winner-take-all Nebraska, no way that Biden can get to the presidency, it’s cut off.