Charlie Kirk tells his out-of-state audience to contact Nebraska senators over electoral bill

Kirk: “This is not really a Nebraska issue. In some ways it is, but it's really a national issue”

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Citation From the April 3, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Nebraska, you have the opportunity to save the republic. Did you think I was gonna say that? For those of you in blood-red Nebraska, that you have an opportunity to save this beautiful country. I get asked all the time, Charlie, how are we going to save the country? How are we going to save the republic? Well, here is an opportunity.

So, first and foremost, I think that if you live in Nebraska, you absolutely need to contact — and I'll give you the two names. Now, if you're out-of-state, it could go either way. So I would be careful. I would be super polite. I would introduce yourself as an out-of-state citizen and a proud patriot because I see it both ways. Because this is not really a Nebraska issue. In some ways it is, but it's really a national issue. It's a future of America issue. So if you call from out of state, I think you should say, hey, I don't live in Nebraska, but I have such great respect for Nebraska, and my two cents are that I think that we need to get this fixed, and I hope you guys do. The two individuals that, really this is weighing on -— because the governor will sign it, President Trump is behind it — is Senator Ray Aguilar and Senator Rita Sanders. These two individuals can become heroes.

Now, I'm going to share these phone numbers, but if you're out of state, it's especially important to be respectful. The last thing that we wanna do is for annoying people to call from out of state and start bullying them and tell them what to do. This could backfire significantly. So, if you don't feel as if that you're equipped to do that on the phone, then don't do it. You could also email. We're gonna put up all the information on screen. Can we put it up, please? For Senator Aguilar and Senator Sanders.

On April 2, Semafor reported:

Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen endorsed legislation that would take Omaha’s potentially decisive electoral vote out of play for Democrats, hours after conservative activist Charlie Kirk’s Tuesday X post suggesting it.

In just 200 words, Kirk urged Republicans to repeal the state’s 1991 law that assigned two electors to the winner of the state, and one for each of its three congressional districts. Republicans easily carried Nebraska in every subsequent election, but in 2008 and 2020, the Omaha-based 2nd District voted Democratic.

“Nebraskans should call their legislators and their governor to demand their state stop pointlessly giving strength to their political enemies,” wrote Kirk.

Five hours and 10 minutes later, Pillen put out a statement supporting a bill that would convert the state to a winner-take all system in November. Donald Trump weighed in early Tuesday evening, praising Pillen’s “very smart letter” in a Truth Social post.

The district has drawn special attention from election observers this year because of the unusually high chance of it playing tiebreaker in a close race between Trump and President Biden.