Charlie Kirk suggests the residents of East Palestine are being punished for voting Republican

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Citation From the February 17, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Eastern Ohio, East Palestine, Ohio is the heart of MAGA country. And to -- just give an adjacent metaphor, it's just like the gay mafia is headquartered in downtown San Francisco. Like, the heart of MAGA country is East Palestine, Ohio. It's 94 percent white. They voted for Trump by 80 percent or 70-80 percent. We can get the exact numbers. Pedro, does that matter? Am I looking too much into it and is there -- is that a factor into why the -- 

PEDRO GONZALEZ (GUEST): No, no. I think you're definitely on to something because this is the quintessential forgotten American town -- that you can look at, you know, how the town has struggled economically and how you can see that across the Midwest. I mean, you're right that this town swung for Trump. But historically, it's a strong Democratic base.

KIRK: Well, hold on. But let me interrupt you, Pedro. Doesn't that make them hate them more?

GONZALEZ: It makes them --

KIRK: That they used to be Democrat and they're no longer. Like, these people defected from us. Is this -- is this some sort of cruel punishment?


My recommendation to Trump and his campaign is they should go to East Palestine. Not do a rally, just visit. Do a press conference. Just bash on Buttigieg, bash on Biden. Say that if he was president, this would be a top priority. These are his voters. There is no political downside because, obviously, there's really nothing you could do. He could, you know, host a fundraiser, do relief.