Charlie Kirk suggests conservatives are “being provoked” into violence by Democrats

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Citation From the August 17, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST) And I want to pick that up after the break because it is driving people nuts. And I'm afraid, Mr. Speaker, if we, as the figures in the media, the people that have audiences, aren't clear about the proper course of action, that this is gonna get wildly out of control. In a way that people will act you know, I don't want them to act violently. I don't. I'm trying to preach peace as much as possible. But Mr. Speaker, you know his history. It's almost like they're being provoked, and I don't like that.

NEWT GINGRICH (GUEST): Yeah, well. Look, that was the whole purpose of Biden's speech in Philadelphia with the Marines standing there and the lighting that resembled The Empire Strikes Back, was to provoke conservatives into doing the kind of things that would justify applying martial law.