Charlie Kirk on Speaker Johnson: “Where's the evidence that this guy’s actually a Christian?”

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Citation From the April 22, 2024, edition of Salem Media’s The Charlie Kirk Show  

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): He lied to us for months. He literally guaranteed this wouldn't happen. He guaranteed this wouldn't happen. This is the key. He lied, and he lied in the name of God.

How do I say such a thing as this? Can you guys pull up his fundraising appeal? Tucker Carlson tweeted it out. He is fundraising in the name of God, saying I got down on my knees asking God what the right course is. Look, Mike Johnson, if God is telling you to go keep on funding a war that's effectively eliminating a generation of Ukrainian young men, you're praying to the wrong God, man.

So let me understand this, Mike Johnson. You violated at least two of the Ten Commandments when you passed this bill. At least two. Thou shall not give false testimony, and thou shall not take the lord's name in vain. Or in the Hebrew, thou shall not carry the lord's name in vain. 

Why do you keep on acting as if you're this great Christian? And more importantly, why do Christians keep on defending him? What is that all about? Is the Christian thing to go send cluster bombs out to a foreign power so they can go kill a bunch of Russians?

Now some of you might say we should not judge Mike Johnson as a Christian. Hold on. First Corinthians 5, it isn't my responsibility to judge outsiders, but it certainly is your responsibility to judge those inside the church who are sinning. Big difference. He invokes the name of God. He raises money in the name of God. He passes cluster bombs and war funding so people can die in the name of God. Where's the evidence that this guy’s actually a Christian? Or is he LARPing as one? Live action role playing.