Charlie Kirk on slavery: “There's a lot more to that story than people would ever want to acknowledge and admit”

Kirk defends Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis banning AP African American Studies

You can read more here about Gov. DeSantis and Florida preventing a course on AP African American studies from being offered.

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Citation From the January 20, 2023, edition of Salem's The Charlie Kirk Show as simulcast on Real America's Voice

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): I am enthusiastically behind Ron DeSantis saying that Black-centered education has no place in Florida schools, obviously. It's bigoted from its premise.


KIRK: Alright, well, first of all, Western culture is better and it's a thoughtcrime to say it out loud.

Number two, Blacks were sold into slavery by other Blacks. Can't say that out loud, Thomas Sowell wrote that in great detail. Number three, when Blacks were given opportunities to return home, they did not want to return home.

Blacks didn't want to leave.

And to respond to Rachel Lindsay, if that is the case and if it was nothing more, I mean obviously, slavery is reprehensible and terrible and awful, but there's a lot more to that story than people would ever want to acknowledge and admit, which is more Blacks have come to America voluntarily than ever came in the slave trade. It's probably a great country. More Blacks have come to America voluntarily since the 1980s, whether it be from West Africa, from the Caribbean, than ever came in the slave trade.

And what does she say there? She says they destroyed our religion, our language, our culture. Be curious to hear her thoughts on why she thinks that worldview is good. She thinks that African tribalism is morally better than Western human equality. Is that her argument?

Does she believe that African tribalism and the mysticism that would basically be the predominant metaphysical view of tribes in sub-Saharan Africa at the time was more morally advanced or better than what we consider to be Western society – that has the rule of law, due process, human equality, freedom of speech, private property rights. I mean it's not even close.

And so yes, I will say all human beings are created equal in God's eyes. All human beings, of course, racism is repugnant and reprehensible, but all cultures are not created equal, they're not. And 1600s African tribal culture is not on the same moral footing as to where the West ended up.