Charlie Kirk says the National Hockey League has been “taken over by the LGBTQ mafia”

Kirk: “The people that came out of the closet now want you to live in the closet”

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Citation From the January 18, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The NHL really has been captured by Canadian influences in more ways than one. I was watching this clip of this fellow, I don’t know who he is or, I’m sure we could get his title, but he’s just ranting on TV and he says, nothing makes me more angry than when you do not participate in my night of inclusion. I’m going to force you to be involved in our inclusion night. Really? Is that what inclusion is all about? 

I thought it was supposed to have all different perspectives. Diversity is our strength, no, no, no, no, no. It’s diversity is our strength as long as you wear the rainbow flag. As long as you participate in the new replacement civil religion that is birthed out of the LGBTQ alphabet mafia.

The best way to explain the kind of, new alphabet mafia is the people that came out of the closet now want you to live in the closet. It’s not about inclusivity, it’s about revenge. OK, so you have Ivan Provorov, did I say that right, Provorov, OK. He refused in the warmups to wear a rainbow flag jersey because he said it goes up against his Russian Orthodox religion, which is exactly right. And he also refused to use their hockey stick.

NHL Flyers defenseman, on refusing to wear the rainbow jersey for warmups, God bless him, seriously.

I’m not trying to bash hockey players, what I am is, I am incredibly critical and bothered by how another institution, another cultural practice has been completely taken over by the LGBTQ mafia.