Charlie Kirk says Chinese military installations are using TikTok to “make our children more likely to be trans”

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Citation From the March 22, 2023, edition of The Salem Radio Network's The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Do you think that the rising amount of kids identifying as trans is largely because of TikTok?

CHAYA RAICHIK (GUEST): Yes, I think it is absolutely a social contagion. And I think TikTok is a big driver of that.

KIRK: So about 45 seconds. Explain to the older listeners that might be skeptical of that, why. They say, how could somebody become trans because of a social media app?

RAICHIK: Well, the idea of TikTok is to target kids, right? You don't see, really, a lot of older people on it, but it's very kid friendly. And the Chinese algorithm, they feed this stuff specifically to American kids. So they're feeding these trans activist content. You know, telling kids, look, go on puberty blockers, you might be the opposite gender, maybe you'll be happier. And I believe that it's a really sophisticated algorithm that's directly feeding this to our children.

KIRK: Yes, that's exactly right. I just want everyone to understand. I mean, look, TikTok, owned by the Chinese Communist Party. We don't have – we have enough evidence for me to say this. I on good authority believe, and I think any rational person would, that the Chinese Communist Party military installations are programming the algorithm to make our children more likely to be trans, to try to get young men to be ashamed of their country. The CCP has a gateway into every single one of our kids via TikTok. Why are we putting up with that? That's a political question. We're going to answer that.