Charlie Kirk says Californians should not be allowed in Republican states: “They're like locusts”

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Citation From the February 2, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Here's my provocative take: the people of Montana should say you're not welcome here. Don't bring your values and your Berkeley worldview to this untouched slice of God's country. They're going to destroy Montana. They will. They're good at it. The activist groups will infiltrate, the racial groups will, in fact -- now thankfully, there's some good conservatives like the wonderful governor of Montana, my friend Governor Gianforte. But if this is not addressed and this migration continues -- they're like locusts, they will not stop. San Francisco, destroyed; Montana, they'll destroy that. Then they'll go to Utah, then they'll go to Nevada, then they'll go to Alaska. Whatever the last slice of heaven is, they will try to bring hell to it.