Charlie Kirk says being unvaccinated is the “natural state”

Kirk: “You know you're born unvaccinated. It's kind of like the natural state”

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Citation From the September 13, 2021, edition of TPUSA Live Now, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (CO-HOST): Alex just made a really brilliant point which is that they realize that if they use our language, then we're going to take the bait. And it's not even bad on us for taking the bait, we should call out a president when they say personal liberty is irrelevant. They realize that there's only so much bandwidth that can attack Joe Biden, right? So they're trying to seal off the current, rather, effective attack vectors which are American stranded in Kabul, Taliban taking over, $85 billion of weapons abandoned, Chinese are going to take Taiwan by December — and Joe Biden realized that's not — (INAUDIBLE) President Joe Biden realizes —

ALEX MARLOW (CO-HOST): And how about the FOIA the Intercept got that shows Anthony Fauci is potentially a literal Dr. Frankenstein? 

KIRK: That's right.

MARLOW: He was responsible — 

KIRK: The gain-of-function research. 

MARLOW: For the gain-of-function research that, literally, could've possibly led to this pandemic. And we don't have time to talk about that because we're talking about whatever Joe's throwing out there. 

KIRK (CO-HOST): Well, I mean, and Joe's using the, kind of, public appearance of fear in his own — to his own advantage. But the polls don't even show that what he's doing is that popular. I mean, the vast majority of Americans are against vaccine mandates. And they're going to hit this point where most of the unvaccinated, as if it's unwashed. By the way, you know you're born unvaccinated. It's kind of like the natural state. 

JON ROOT (CO-HOST): Do you have to start yelling “unclean" everywhere you go too — ? 

KIRK: I'm a member of the unwashed. And —

BENNY JOHNSON (CO-HOST): We can tell. We see your hair.