Charlie Kirk: “The Republicans are a joke” and a “clown car”

Kirk says in Democrats will attempt a “color revolution” in 2024

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Citation From the August 3, 2023, edition of Salem Radio Networks' The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So the low IQ talking point, I’ll be very honest, is Donald Trump can’t win. Does Donald Trump have a tough battle? Yes. The very same verbiage is used – what happened in 2016. Oh Donald Trump can't win. You've got to escape that kind of mentality, okay? If you believe he can’t win, then you’ll be a self fulfilling prophecy. I will acknowledge it’s going to be tough. The odds are stacked against us. Someone asked me, Charlie, what are the odds? I refuse - I'm not Caesar’s Palace, OK? 

Because the Democrats are a serious political party and the Republicans are a joke. The Republicans – a clown car. RNC, republican establishment, clown car. They’re all paying each other off. It’s a disaster. We do not have full time ballot chasing organizers on the right. We do not have an effort to secure our elections. We do not have a lawfare strategy. The Democrats are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the boring stuff. That’s going to make a difference. 

Why are the odds stacked against us? The Democrats have billionaires and plutocrats to come in and fund whatever they want in an unlimited fashion. Why are the odds stacked against us? The intel agencies are against us.

Why are the odds stacked against us? Because there will be another attempt at a George Floyd moment in 2024. Whether it be drag Floyd, whether it be climate change Floyd, I don’t know what it is, but there is going to be an attempted color revolution again in 2024, in an election year to try and ignite some form of grassroots quote-unquote synthetic energy to then just go for the election then they disappear. 

Color revolution style, same way that we put Zelensky in office in Ukraine. They're going to try it here, the intel agencies will do it and they're going to try and scare the  electorate from electing another divisive candidate. But Trump can still overcome all of that.

This No Labels thing looks legit, it’s a lot of disaffected Republican donors. I know some of them. They don’t support us any more at Turning Point. Nice people. They just see the world differently, much more from a Chamber of Commerce view, but they do not like Joe Biden, to their credit, they don’t like Joe Biden. So they're saying you know what we’re going to draft this new political party in the tradition of like Jon Huntsman and of Mitt Romney and Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema where we’re gonna be solution based. We’re gonna call it No Labels, pump a bunch of money into it, and they’ll run as third party candidates in the states.