Charlie Kirk puts pressure on a Nebraska state senator over electoral bill: “Who are your colleagues that are the ones that are are opposing this?”

Kirk tells Nebraska state senator: “You guys are going to hand Joe Biden the presidency if you don't fix it”

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Citation From the April 4, 2024, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on Rumble

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So, the — I totally agree that, you know, creating the winner take all system is the right move for Nebraska. They also pour in a lot of out-of-state money into Omaha. There's a lot of reasons to do this. So, this has — what was the status of the bill a week ago and why has that changed? This thing has come to life. The governor's behind it. The senator's behind it — Senator Ricketts, President Trump. Your bill has come to life.

SEN LOREN LIPPINCOTT (GUEST): It has come to life. And one reason is because there was guy by the name of Charlie Kirk who's kinda shed the light on it, which we really appreciate that. This bill has stayed in committee and here in Nebraska, we have a unicameral, and the problem we have is we just simply do not have enough votes. What happens, Charlie, is this. It doesn't just simply pass with majority of votes in the legislature. Here in Nebraska, we just have one house, it's a senate, and we've got 49 state senators supposedly nonpartisan, however, every person is either registered Republican or Democrat. And right now we've got 32 Republicans. Actually, one person just became a Republican yesterday. But we only have about 30 votes and we need 33 votes in order to overcome a filibuster. So what happens is people will start filibustering for round one. It will fill up eight hours of talk with filibustering. Round number two, four hours. Round number three, two hours. So in order to end the filibuster, you have to have enough votes, a two-thirds majority, 33 votes to end the filibuster, it's called cloture. And then at that point, once that happens, then all you need is a simple majority, 25. But right now, unfortunately, we have milked the cows and the cow's dry, and we just simply have not enough votes to overcome a filibuster on this.

KIRK: OK. So — but are you a vote short, or how many votes and who are the names? I mean, I'm not gonna take no for an answer. This is too important. The entire country's at stake. I know that, you know, there's a lot of factors here. Who are your colleagues that are the ones that are are opposing this?

LIPPINCOTT: Well, we have talked to them and we think — in fact, I just met with the governor just a short time ago, half hour ago or so, and our game plan is to redouble our efforts. Hopefully, we're going to pick up some more Republican seats this next year, Charlie —

KIRK: No, no, no. That's not gonna work. I gotta interrupt you. No. Senator, I'm sorry. No, no, no. That's not gonna work. So I gotta interrupt you. That's — the country's not gonna tolerate that. I'm not going to. What is the plan today to get — your colleagues' names. Who are they? The eyes of the country are on you guys. Milk the cows, none of that stuff. You guys are Nebraskans. You guys are the best patriots we have. You gotta snap out of this. OK? Who are your colleagues that are getting in the way?

LIPPINCOTT: Well, there's a couple individuals, and I can guarantee I'm an aggressive kind of guy. That's the airplane that I used to fly — I guess, this side — back in the Air Force, flew F-16s. And I'm pretty aggressive guy, Charlie, and believe me, I'm doing everything I possibly can. And I appreciate the help that you guys have been giving us. What we need to do, Charlie, going forward is we need to start this early on in the season —

KIRK: No, no, no, no. I gotta interrupt you. No. We have a country to save. You guys are going to hand Joe Biden the presidency if you don't fix it. Not you, but your colleagues. So, let's say the governor calls a special session. Do the filibuster rule still apply?

LIPPINCOTT: Well, again, Charlie, I just met with the secretary of state, the governor, lieutenant governor, and the inner circle, and we are doing everything —

KIRK: No. But I got that. I just — I'm curious. If there's a special session, do the filibuster rules apply?

LIPPINCOTT: I believe they do. I can't tell you that a hundred percent, but I believe that they do.

KIRK: OK. So let's do a special session and make you guys spend a month and just say we're gonna sweat it out. This is how important it is, senator. I know that you guys are beat down and this is unprecedented, but this is not small-town stuff anymore. Right?


KIRK: This is the United States of America that you valiantly served. There is no next year. OK? If Joe Biden wins, there's no country.


KIRK: I don't need to hear about another cycle. I don't need to hear about this. I know you agree. So, special session, we're just gonna stay here for all month. We're gonna stay until June until every single one of these people become household names.