Charlie Kirk praises Elon Musk for releasing “all these prisoners of war from the meme wars”

Kirk: “They're POWs, God bless them”

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Citation From the November 30, 2022, TPUSA Event, posted to YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK (TPUSA PRESIDENT): If you would've asked the question six months ago, I was extremely pessimistic about the status of free speech. But Elon has changed the game. I gotta tell you, he has been an unexpected entry into this entire dynamic. Because I used to say, you know, we got to have section 230 reform and have all these different things. I still believe that.

But, man, him spending 44 billion dollars to go purchase a company – to go restore Donald Trump's Twitter account and let all these people back online and all these prisoners of war from the meme wars, I mean it is – it's fair. They're POWs, God bless them. That's a big threat to the regime.