Charlie Kirk: “Michelle Obama hates America”

Kirk: “She seemed like an angry person who didn’t feel very grateful to live in America”

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Citation From the August 18, 2020, edition of PodcastOne's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): So now we get to the keynote. And, of course, we have said many times before, Michelle Obama just hates America. She does not have good things to say about our country. She does not share the view that America is a gift from God. She believes that America is a mistake. That's basically the divide in America. Are you thankful that you live in America or are you bitter, angry, and resentful that you live with America? I just have to push back on the consensus here on Michelle Obama's speech. A lot of people said it was wonderful. They stuck the landing, many people on Fox News were praising the speech. First of all, it was not a speech. Sitting down, in a living room, reading a teleprompter is not a speech. That is a talk. Ok? A speech is standing up, showing commanding leading  force, and showing clear direction. I know that might sound technical, but it's not a speech. It was a talk. 

George Stephanopoulos said it was a new kind of fierce, whatever that means. I watched the whole speech. I felt so -- you know what, I actually felt uninspired and so unmoved I actually said to myself she's way more beatable than I once thought. I actually thought Michelle Obama was once like this untouchable political force that we, as Republicans, eventually have to run up against and when we do we're just going to get obliterated. I no longer hold that view. I do think she's formidable. I do think that she's a tough opponent. No doubt. I think that people like her, I think that she communicates well, I think that media will completely cover for her. Totally. But, she seemed angry. She seemed like an angry person who didn't feel very grateful to live in America. She started her speech off by saying "I'm depressed." And she recently said she has low-grade depression.