Charlie Kirk: Send Mehdi Hasan “back to the country he came from”

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Citation From the August 29, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's The Charlie Kirk Show

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): Wow. Who is that neurotic lunatic? Who is that guy? Send him back to the country he came from. Holy cow. Get him off TV. Revoke his visa. 

I mean, that is as close to just all outright Pfizer propaganda as I've ever seen allowed on a TV. “They're myths. Let me tell you, myths that kids are suffering.” Most suicidal generation, alcohol-addicted generation, drug-addicted generation, without purpose, least married, most likely to indulge in self-harm, motor skill development issues, the gayest generation. Mehdi Hasan, “These are myths that even some of you believe in.”

Jeez. If we had sane immigration policy we would say adios Mehdi Hasan. Goodness gracious.


When you think they really can't reach another level of just outright Pfizer prostitution. That guy's a prostitute with a British accent. He’s a foreigner with a British accent who's a prostitute for the pharmaceutical companies.