Charlie Kirk: “The MAGA movement is committing suicide in front of our very eyes”

Kirk: “Where we are at is a demoralized Republican Party”

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Citation From the December 7, 2022, edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, streamed on YouTube

CHARLIE KIRK: But it is a fact that 200,000 people more or less decided not to show up. OK, 200,000 people said I have something better to do. Now, you might say, Charlie, isn't it fraud? Well, I'm talking about people who didn't show up at all. They didn't check into a voting booth, they didn't even attempt to put a ballot in - there is no record that they came at all whatsoever. Zero. No record. 

And you have to wonder, how is that possible? You have the whole country's future hanging in the balance. All you have to do is drive ten or fifteen minutes and vote in person early or go and vote on Election Day, but it did not happen. 

Instead, Democrats had a much higher turnout proportional to their 11/8 turnout than Walker did. Democrats wanted it more in Georgia. They ran more ads, they knocked on more doors. 

I am not criticizing any of you guys who worked super hard in Georgia. We did our best at Turning Point Action as well. But where we are at is a demoralized Republican Party. Understandably, by the way. But are we going to allow our apprehension of the voting system, how demoralized we are, when it comes to the future of the country, to be an excuse to not go for ten or fifteen moments to go vote? Well, that was the message that came out of Georgia last evening. 

You have to wonder, are we communicating the election integrity issue correctly? I could go email after email here right now. Last night we got plenty of emails that said Charlie, I proudly did not vote.

Later in the episode, Kirk added, “The MAGA movement is committing suicide in front of our very eyes.”