Charlie Kirk: “I'm not a fan of democracy”

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Citation From the April 3, 2023, edition of Timcast IRL

CHARLIE KIRK (GUEST): I actually even think we're even more divided, in some ways, than we even were leading into the American Civil War. At least it was a Christian country back then, now we have different metaphysics and we have all sorts of different types of views. But we have some things working in our favor which is the great hope is that we can de-escalate the national politics and go back into hyper-local community and just say I don't like the person in Portland, I don't like the person in Wichita but I'm not going to try to imperialize their life. Until we get to that the project is going to fall apart. 

IAN CROSSLAND (CO-HOST): Absolutely, I was thinking about the word democracy and how it comes from demos which means the people and it's basically - 

KIRK: Yes, I hate the word democracy but yeah. 

CROSSLAND: It allows the mob to make decisions for the whole.

KIRK: Yes. I'm not a fan of democracy, yeah.

CROSSLAND: It's pretty brute.